Sunday, 18 September 2011

Celso Machado

Thank you to the world renowned brazilian guitarist, singer and percussionist Celso Machado for a wonderful masterclass and concert yesterday as part of the London Classical Guitar Festival. The action took place at Bolivar Hall (the Venezuelan embassy) and was attended by Emily O'Hara and Nicholas Ball of Vila Verde, who played two pieces by Guitarist Joao Pernambuco
"Celso was extremely inspiring through his playing and articulate advice, he even let me try his pandeiro!" Nicholas told us. 

On Friday night Celso showed the audience how he used up his baggage allowance to bring a plethora of strange and incredible instruments to the UK.  Barbara O'Hara was there for his performance; "It was a very versitile performance, it was highly entertaining - Celso told stories of the Rainforest through his music and movement and interaction with a variety of props including the chair he was sitting on!".
It had been twenty five years since Celso had visited London, we hope it will be a little sooner next time. 

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